Our customers

Within Holding, Telecore focuses on production of automation systems, engineering, telecommunication systems and power complexes.

Automatic control systems:

    • end-to-end management automation and telemechanics solutions for oil and gas and energy industry (management and control station container, microprocessor-based automation system, etc.).
    • microprocessor-based automation system;
    • wireless automatic fuel output control system for fuel stations.

Multiservice units, server cabinet and distribution racks:

    • telecommunication, server and distribution racks are made on production line certified according to international standards. All our products are developed in our design office with process solutions of world-class telecommunication equipment manufacturers. Our cabinets feature very hard design, high quality processing and painting, use of high quality materials and components, diversified models and unit sizes, great variety of accessories.

Mobile data centers/Communication and control units:

    • mobile universal systems based on environment-controlled modular containers with independent engineering systems, life support systems and ICT equipment.

Self-contained power plants:

    • mobile automated container-type systems based on diesel generator, gas engine generator plant of various power (10kVA to 10 MW). They are used to short-term or long-term power supply of almost all sites in any geographical location.

Outdoor telecommunication cabinets:

    • all-weather cabinets are made for different outdoor use, configured with climate control systems, fire fighting systems, monitoring systems etc. They are used for installation and independent operation of radio electronic, telecommunication and any other equipment that requires environmental protection.

Electric cabinets:

    • integrated products are assembled according to project documentation based on a special series of distribution cabinets using electrical machinery from leading manufacturers. They are used in energy field for relay protection, automation, process management, power control and metering.


Production and delivery of 15,000 vandal-proof access nodes for construction of the FTTB-based broadband access network for COMSTAR - United TeleSystems.


Development and production of communication and field security center for Vancorneft company.


Production and delivery of 7,000 vandal-proof access nodes for construction of the FTTB-based broadband access network for Transtelecom company.


Production and delivery of 30 communication units for Transneft company.


Production and supply of mobile data centers (MDC) for Bashneft.


Production and delivery of 1,500 self-contained diesel generator units for uninterrupted power supply of computing resources in the federal treasury branches in 87 RF subjects.


Development and production of 5,000 self-care payment terminals for providing bank services to individuals in post offices of the Russian Federation for Russian Post.