Being committed to solve the most pressing tasks for our customers at different company management levels, we provide the most sought-after services. With deep understanding of strategic goals and tasks of our clients and best international practice, we constantly diversify our services portfolio.

Our specialists provide a full range of services from pre-design site survey and solutions consulting to ready-to-operation site delivery with comprehensive validation and certification procedures for information systems, and training of client's personnel.


Cabinet-based solutions:

  • Multiservice access units (TWITEL)
  • FTTH, FTTB, GPON access unit (TELECORE-PS)
  • 3G, LTE base station, telephony (TeleCore BSR)
  • Railway infrastructure protection solutions (TeleCore-TBD)
  • Control and power cabinet for railway infrastructure protection (Korshun control cabinet)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility cabinets for telecommunications (TeleCore EMC)

Container-based solutions:

  • Mobile data center (MDC)
  • Stand-alone diesel power station
  • Telecommunication modular container
  • Security base (Korshun security base)
  • Safety situation center for railway protection

Innovative solutions:

  • Fast responding automatic takeover
System integration

Construction of information systems and IT infrastructure

  • information management systems;
  • asset management systems;
  • data centers;
  • engineering systems in buildings and rooms;
  • audio-visual systems;
  • construction of special security systems;
  • construction of information security systems, including personal data protection systems;
  • Deployment of wireless automatic fuel output control system for fuel stations, providing new services for private and corporate clients

Construction of telecommunication infrastructure

  • construction and upgrade of multiservice transport networks, DWDM/SDH/IP MPLS transmission networks;
  • broadband access network development and construction;
  • wireless network solution development and implementation;
  • upgrade and replacement of switching equipment;
  • Unified Communications platform development and deployment;
  • Telepresence solution deployment;
  • installation, commissioning and maintenance of telecommunication equipment;

Automatic control systems:

  • Modular container of control and management station
  • Microprocessor-based automation system
  • Construction of new automatic control systems, upgrade of existing control systems for oil production companies, long-distance pipelines, product pipelines and gas pipe lines, oil and oil product storage facilities;
  • Construction of automatic control systems for energy supply facilities and supporting processing facilities for gas production and gas transportation companies in line with requirements of environmental safety and resource saving;
  • Construction of accounting systems for oil production and oil transportation companies, oil and oil product storage facilities, energy power facilities;
  • Construction of dispatching systems for oil and gas facilities, including those using digital radio channels;
  • Construction of security systems for oil and gas facilities;
  • Monitoring systems for safe operation of pipelines;
  • Supply of instruments and meters and processing equipment;
  • design of administrative, habitable, and industrial facilities;
  • design of modular boilers
  • passing state expert review of project documentation
  • development of working documentation and designer supervision
  • obtaining approvals
  • project management
  • building construction from foundation laying to building insulation and roof covering with high quality materials;
  • metal structure installation;
  • interior finishing;
  • redevelopment of nearby territories and making parking lots.
  • development of working documentation and designer supervision
  • passing state expert review of project documentation
  • obtaining approvals
  • engineering survey package
  • integrated supply of equipment and materials to site
  • construction and installation works
  • construction supervision
  • site commissioning
  • Security systems:
    • Automatic fire fighting systems
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Alert and escape management systems
    • Control and access management systems
    • Burglar alarm systems
    • Perimeter security systems
    • TV surveillance systems
  • Life support and communication systems:
    • Dispatching system
    • Ventilation systems
    • Heating systems (including automatic control systems)
    • Water supply and water disposal systems
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Power supply and lighting systems
    • Telecommunication systems
  • Boiler equipment maintenance:
    • Technical survey of boiler equipment and boilers
    • Upgrade, reconstruction, regular and capital equipment of boilers (including development of design and estimate documentation)
    • Maintenance, delivery, installation and commissioning of boiler equipment
    • Maintenance, warranty and postwarranty service, including routine and repair work package.