We offer end-to-end solutions aimed at improvement of heat energy and electric energy efficiency. We have highly qualified staff with rich experience in design and construction of energy facilities, including Unified Energy System company.

The power network design and construction department of Active Engineering, member of Active CIS Group is founded in 2012 and aimed at implementation of turnkey infrastructure projects in electrical energy industry, including projects related to:

  • 10-110 kV distributing mains;
  • 220-500 kV Unified National Power Grid facilities;
  • external and internal electrical schematics for industrial companies and pipeline transportation;
  • power distribution schemes for power generation facilities (thermal power plant, atomic power plant, hydroelectric power plant, combined-cycle plant).

We are committed to new construction, reconstruction and expansion of overhead circuits and cable lines, substations and 10-500 kV distribution devices, fiber optical lines, automatic control system and information collection and transfer information, including:

  • design, including end-to-end engineering survey;
  • construction, installation and commissioning works;
  • construction material and equipment supply;
  • general contractor services (designer).


Development of unified information space construction project. Corporate multiservice network upgrade. Construction of video conference system integrated with video surveillance systems on state district power station for the Sixth Generating Company of Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-6).


Reconstruction of 110 kV Zatishie substation, 10 kV switchboard at 110 kV Kosino substation, 10 kV switchboard at 110 kV Rostokino substation, 10 kV switchboard at 110 kV Rizhskaya substation, 10 kV switchboard at 110 kV Borovoe substation for MOESK.