Telecore is a Russian manufacturer of automation systems, engineering systems, telecommunication systems and power complexes for automation of oil-and-gas and petrochemical companies and industrial facilities, as well as telecommunication and network industrial, power distributing, rack-based and modular solutions, cabling structured system components.

The company's equipment serves international and Russian telecommunication, oil and energy companies.

Our own R&D department consisting of highly qualified specialists is continuously doing research and innovative development which allows offering the latest competitive solutions and quickly responding to ever-changing market demands and specific consumers.

At present, our main product is manufactured in Tomsk region.
appr. 10,000 sq.m. total manufacturing area

  • 1,000 sq.m. metal work shop.
  • 300 sq.m. galvanic shop.
  • 1,000 sq.m. assembly shop
  • 700 sq.m. painting shop
  • over 15,000 items per year production capacity.

The main goal of TeleCore's quality control center is preventing defects rather than troubleshooting.
To achieve this goal, we operate based on the following principles:

  • each production stage meets the ISO9001 standards;
  • we use the advanced quality management methods;
  • we select material and component suppliers according to international quality standards;
  • the company managers and staff are directly participating in quality management;
  • we are improving production processes in full considering growing demands of the clients;
  • the products pass 100% mandatory and voluntary certification including industry standard and regulation certification;
  • TeleCore's quality system makes it possible to provide enhanced up to 15 years warranty for the products.

Our products:

Cabinet-based solutions:

  • multiservice access units (TWITEL);
  • FTTH, FTTB, GPON access unit (TELECORE-PS);
  • 3G, LTE base station, telephony (TeleCore BSR);
  • railway infrastructure protection solutions (TeleCore-TBD);
  • control and power cabinet for railway infrastructure protection (Korshun control cabinet);
  • electromagnetic compatibility cabinets for telecommunications (TeleCore EMC).

Container-based solutions:

  • mobile data center (MDC);
  • stand-alone diesel power station;
  • telecommunication modular container;
  • security base (Korshun security base);
  • safety situation center for railway protection.

Automatic control systems:

  • modular container of control and management station;
  • microprocessor-based automation system;
  • wireless automatic fuel output control system for fuel stations.

Our certificates:

  • quality management system applicable to product development, production, warranty support, sale and maintenance complies with GOST ISO 9001-2011, compliance certificate № СРС-240.СС-08042013;
  • permit for construction affecting capital structure security, №С-02-1420-7701801442-2013;
  • permit for design affecting capital structure safety, № П-02-0740-7701801442-2013;
  • license for installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety facilities for buildings and structures, № 8-Б/01692.

Our certificates


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